Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Use Pinterest for effective blogging

Pinterest is a great tool which will help you to build links and bring more visitors to your blog.  Pinterest is an image sharing website which was launched in 2010 and its service allows members to share images and videos simply by pinning them onto their own digital bulletin boards.  Boards can be categorised accordingly. For example, films, books, art, beauty and fashion.

Pinterest can help you to bring visitors to your blog because each time someone from Pinterest repins one of the images which has come from your blog, this means another link and more exposure for your blog.

With Pinterest you have the unique opportunity to create different boards; each one can be targeted to a different audience.   When creating your boards, remember not only to pin images from your own blog but to include interesting content from other websites as well.  This makes your pins much more credible and they will bet clicked on more. Make your boards interesting and fun as well as directing visitors and traffic to your blog.

To use Pinterest effectively, it is also important to write a pin description - If you can write something engaging then this will encourage people to read more and click on the image.  Pinterest lets you write up to 500 characters in your pin description. 

Pinterest is all about images so make sure that your blog has a photograph in each post at least. Track your traffic from Pinterest using your preferred tracking tool or JetPack or Google analytics.
Check my own Pinterest boards and sign up to create your own. With Pinterest you can follow any boards or people that you like...

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  1. I started to use Pinterest but its very addictive once you get use to it! I certainly noticed an increase in traffic to my site. Visitors from Pinterest tend to have a low bounce rate...


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