Friday, August 31, 2012

Work from home in Health & fitness

If you are interested in health and fitness then you can easily set up a small home based business. Personal fitness trainers are in big demand these days and many personal trainers either visit clients in their own homes or make arrangements with a local gym.

Do you have any qualifications or certification? While not essential it is a good idea to sign up for a course in fitness, yoga, pilates etc. With so much competition, new clients may prefer to sign up with a personal trainer who has some certification behind them.

Weight training, pilates, yoga, circuit training, if you enjoy working out and feel that you have the ability and motivation to help others achieve their goals then think about becoming a personal fitness trainer. It also helps if you have an interest and understanding in nutrition so you can give your clients diet plans and nutritional information.

If you will be visiting clients in their own homes then you will need to purchase the equipment that you will need. With this in mind, you will also need your own transportation. If you will need to transport large amounts of heavy equipment then you will need to invest in a small van. Use the van as a marketing tool and have someone creative design a logo that you can have painted on the side. Why not contact one of the local colleges or universities? Students always have fresh ideas and would be excited to get involved. As a personal trainer you will also help your clients set their fitness targets which should include dirt and lifestyle. This is an enjoyable and rewarding way to earn some extra money from home.

Find out more about running your own fitness business from home

The Personal Trainer's Handbook is useful a one-stop practical reference guide which covers the day-to-day running of a personal training business from home. The book covers;
Essential business skills such as how to target your market, insurance, finances, marketing personal development - Fitness and safety, managing the work/life balance. How to deal with your clients - How to manage the first meeting, creating the right programme, typical client groups s well as considerations for special groups such as diabetic and pregnant clients.  

If anyone has any tips about setting up a fitness business from home or if there are any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Follow your home based business with InboxQ

Today let’s have a look at one very easy way to track and promote your home based business online....

If you have already set up your small business and have started working from home, then you will probably want to keep track of your product or services online.  Alternatively you may just want to promote yourself to prospective customers.  Either way, I think you will find this tool which is used with your Twitter account extremely useful.  It’s called InboxQ and it’s a great tool and extremely useful if you want to monitor your brand..InboxQ allows you to create campaigns with different keywords.  It’s compatible with Google Chrome and after setting up your campaigns with keywords, you can find questions with your keywords that people are asking on Twitter.

To get the most out of InboxQ create campaigns with your brand or speciality as the keywords and then when someone asks a question which features any one of your keywords on twitter, you will see an update and then you can tweet back and answer the question. Getting started is easy, you simply need to create InboxQ campaigns with keywords selected to the service industry or specialty that you are working in. These can be updated at any time so don’t worry if you want to update your keywords and add new ones. When someone on Twitter asks a question with one or more of these keywords, you will see an update about it and you can answer the question.

I personally love InboxQ and make use of it daily.  Once you get used to it, it’s a very useful tool.

You can find out more about InboxQ from here and set up your own campaign  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Create your very own office space at home

Here are some useful tips to help you set up your own office space at home.

Now that you have decided to work from home, you need to plan exactly how you are going to combine both home and work under one roof.

Most importantly, you need to discipline yourself to make sure that after 1 hour of working, you are not going to get distracted and put the television or or do a spot of gardening because the weeds are beginning to overtake the flower beds and its all beginning to look like a set from the film, the day of the Triffids!

Make sure that your office space is in a part of your home that you like. Lighting is important although there is no need to have bright strip lights, keep the lighting in tune with the type of work that you will be doing and a homely balance. Chose space where there is access to a window for ventilation and fresh air.

If you need to keep a stock of items for your home business, then make sure that your supplies are kept tidy and not just thrown around. You need to be able to find things as you need them. Boxes and shelves are most suitable.
Unless you live alone, then make sure that your office space is not close to any distractions, for example the kitchen, children’s play room. 

Make the most of your home office space and keep your working area clean and tidy. Don’t allow rubbish or old faxes to clutter your desk. Position a waste basket under your desk so that you can continually keep the work space ‘workable’ While this sounds very basic, being tidy and getting rid of any clutter helps to create an efficient work space.

Make sure that your work space is just that- Only for your work. It will become distracting if you bring other types of jobs to your work space.

In need of some Inspirational ideas for your home office or study?

Has anyone set up their own office space at home? Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear from you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Set up a sewing business from home

Here is a practical and enjoyable way to earn money at home if you have some sewing skills.

If sewing has always been a hobby of yours, then there is no reason why you can’t turn this hobby into something more profitable and set up a small sewing business which you can run from home.

Firstly you need to think about what type of service you will offer. For example one of my neighbours used to make curtains to order and she always had a waiting list of customers. You may care to consider what you are best at; Alterations and repairs, knitting, bridal wear, costume design, baby clothes, beach bags, toys......Some seamstresses have even discovered a niche in the animal market and are busy making dog outfits and blankets for horses.

You must have excellent sewing skills. If you feel that you have scope for improvement then sign up for an adult education class and learn some new techniques or improve on what you already know.

How will you promote your sewing business and get customers?

Working from home means that marketing costs can be kept to a minimum. School fetes are a good place to start promoting your services. Hire a stall and sell some tote bags with the school logo for example. With each tote bag purchased give out one of your business cards or a promotion leaflet.

Visit craft fairs and get new contacts and meet potential customers, advertise in shop windows, contact local businesses such as dry cleaners and fashion shops who often offer their customers alteration services.

Word of mouth is an excellent way to build up a regular customer database. Once you have a customer, don’t let them forget you! Send out greetings cards for the New Year, this is a good way to keep in touch with your existing clients.

If you have a printer at home then business cards or leaflets can be printed at home on a small scale. If you don’t have this facility then business cards can be printed through the Internet, local printers and even supermarkets have machines from where you can create and print your own business cards. These are cheap and a great way to start marketing your sewing business.

Use the Internet to reach a much larger market. An extremely popular option for selling craft, vintage and hand produced products online is the website Etsy which is the the world's most vibrant handmade online marketplace. Etsy allows you to create your own shop for free.

Don't forget to use the social networks, which are probably the most influential marketing tools and its important to remember that you have immediate and free access to them! Facebook, Twitter as well as Pinterest.

When you start to get orders, now is the time to borrow or buy equipment.

You will need a reliable sewing machine. Second hand machines are a good outlay at the starting stage. Buy the best quality that you can to ensure both good results and an enjoyable stress free experience for you!

You will also need measuring tapes, rulers, cutting scissors, pattern markers, threads, needles etc. A full length mirror and dressmakers mannequin will also be needed if you intent to do alterations or create outfits from scratch.

How much are you going to charge? Check the classifieds and see what other seamstresses or dressmakers are charging. One of the biggest mistakes when starting a business from home is to under price yourself. Make sure that you don’t end up working for nothing and calculate your time, electricity, materials and make sure that you make a profit.

Avoid any misunderstandings with your customers and discuss exactly what they want and what you can offer. Some customers may provide their own fabrics, while others will rely on you to do this for them. Remember that deadlines are important so be realistic with your deadlines and make sure that your customers know when to expect their order.

How to turn your sewing hobby into a business

Has anyone already set up a sewing business from home ? If you have any tips or advice please leave a comment....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Earn dollars at home with your computer

If you are in America and want to earn some extra money from home then check out Fiverr.  This is a website where you can post your skills, services or products in return for five dollars.
Have a look at Fiverr yourself and see how creative some people have been.  I am sure that you are able to can come up with your own fresh ideas on how you can earn five dollars by working from home.
Students- This is a great opportunity to share your exhibits and promote your talents.  Freelancers- This is the chance to get noticed and promote yourself and your skills to others. Can you read the Tarot cards? Then why not offer a reading for five dollars?   Can you be creative and make a pair of earrings to sell them for five dollars?  Be as creative as you can.  Can you provide dinner menus for five dollars?  Can you design logos for five dollars?  There really is no end to the list...Don’t delay, start to earn money from home and become a part of this online community. 
If you sign up today then you can start to work from home within a matter of hours.  Registration to Fiverr is free and payment is guaranteed because buyers have to pay in advance for their orders. When you have completed the order then the five dollars is released.  
This website is a great way to let talented, ambitious people such as yourself earn some extra money from home.
Most importantly Fiverr is a secure and genuine community website.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Use your computer to earn money

If you are in the UK and want to earn some extra money from home then check out Fivesquids.  This is a website where you can post your skills, services or products in return for five pounds.   
Have a look at Fivesquids yourself and see how creative some people are.  I am sure that you can come up with your own ideas on how to make five pounds by working from home.
Students- This is a chance to share your exhibit and promote your talents.  Freelancers- This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your skills.
Can you read the Tarot cards? Offer a reading for five pounds.   Can you make an original pair of earrings and sell them for five pounds?  Be creative.  Can you provide dinner menus for five pounds?  Can you design logos for five pounds?  There really is no end to the list...Don’t delay, start to earn money from home and become a part of this online community.  If you sign up today then you can begin to work from home in a matter of hours.  
Registration to Fivesquids is free and payment is guaranteed because buyers need to pay in advance for their orders. When you have completed your order then the five pounds is released.   
This website is a great way to let talented, ambitious people such as yourself earn some extra money from home.
Most importantly Fivesquids is a secure and genuine community website.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Work from home in telesales

Here is another idea for anyone who wants to work from home. ...There are many possibilities to work from the comfort of your own home in telesales. Having said that, this type of cold selling work is not for everyone. Telesales is basically a direct marketing method whereby you will call prospective clients in an attempt to sell products or services over the phone.

Telesales is generally undertaken in a call centre or from home. An effective telesales process will more often than not involve more than one call to a prospective client. The first few calls will determine the needs of the client and the subsequent follow up calls will motive the client to make a purchase or sign up for service.

Prospective clients are identified by the company or charity using various means such as tracking the clients past purchase history. Previous requests for information, competition entries and completed application forms . Names of prospective clients may also have been purchased from the database of another company or obtained from a telephone directory or another public listing. This qualification process determines which clients are mote likely to purchase a product or service.

The best way to find virtual telesales work that you can do in the comfort of your own home is to sign up a website such as Elance which connects freelance workers with employers. After you have signed up and created an account, which is free then you can check online for suitable telesales projects which are available. Payment for any job is guaranteed through Elance and once the project is completed, the funds will be released to you. Elance deduct a small % from any earnings and this is calculated when you submit your proposal to the employer.

Alternatively, If you make a search through one of the main search engines for 'telesales staff from home' then you will find the search results will give you a number of companies all of whom are looking for home based telesales staff. Companies like to outsource their telesales because it cuts down on their costs and also it means that they can cover more parts of the country or even diverse into different countries.

The book Telephone sales for Dummies is a hands on, interactive guide which is packed with proven techniques for becoming a champion telephone salesperson.  Highly recommended for new starters.

Click here to find out more about signing up and working in telesales from home with the website Elance