Friday, November 30, 2012

Best work from home jobs

Here is a list and brief description of ten of the best genuine job opportunities that you earn money from by working at home. These jobs are also the ones which are in high demand by companies.

Virtual assistant.
Medical transcriber
Web developer/designer.
Technical support specialist.
Call centre agent.
Travel agent.
Franchise owner.

Virtual assistants are pretty much always self-employed and work from their home office. A virtual assistant provides professional administrative, technical and creative (social media ) assistance to clients.

A Medical transcriber will listen to and then convert voice recorded reports which have been dictated by physicians or other health care professionals into a text format.

A translator will deal with translating written text from one language to another. Translators must not only have a complete and thorough understanding of the original text and its subject, they also have to be able to translate both the meaning and style of the author correctly into the target language.

A Web developer will build a website presence right from scratch, developing everything from the home page to the actual site layout and its functions.

A call centre agent will take incoming or outgoing calls for a company.

A Technical Support Specialist will be responsible for computer maintenance, new hardware installation, as well as operational support.

There are many home based travel agency opportunities. Preferably you will have some travel knowledge and a tourism background though this is not essential as many agencies offer their own training programmes.

A teacher will work from home teaching small groups or offering one to one tuition. Alternatively some teachers work from home giving online lessons and support.

A writer/copywriter will write articles, online content, reports etc. Many companies prefer to hire freelance writers who work from their own home.

A franchise owner will find a suitable franchise opportunity and be able to start their own business from home for a start up fee.


Start a cleaning business from home

House cleaning is a profitable business which can be run from the comfort of your own home.

It's flexible: You can choose the hours that suit you.  Start by creating a classified ad or post an advert in your local newsagents.  How much will you charge per hour? What type of cleaning services will you offer?

Be prepared to buy good quality cleaning items/ stain removers etc.  These can be carried around in a handled plastic container.  Will you provide all of the cleaning materials and equipment including mops, buckets and vacuum cleaners or will you expect that your customers will already have these items?

What will make you stand out from your competitors? Offer something that your competitors don't! For example, why not show your customers exactly what you did during your visit and leave behind a house cleaning checklist for them to see.

This checklist will let your customers know exactly what you did in their home.  Create the checklist room by room and create space for any additional services, items that they have asked from you. The checklist is also a good way to make sure that any employees you may employ, have covered every area.

Getting your first customers will be the most difficult part.  You will find that many prospective customers will want to see references.  To get over this hurdle, why not offer to clean friends, relatives or colleagues homes for free in exchange for a reference?  Another tip is to give a discounted rate for your first cleaning visit to a customer. Impress your first customers and the word will soon get around.

If you don't mind travelling to get new customers then start to market yourself on the Internet, social sites, Twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc...This is a good way to get more exposure for customers who live further afield.

If you want to read more then have a look at ''Start and run a successful cleaning business''


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Market your business with a Pinterest business account

So, you have decided  to set up a business and work from home, you have found your niche and now all you need to do is to start promoting your services or products. Sounds simple doesn't it?  Actually promoting  your products or services with Pinterest IS both simple and easy.  As simple as it is, Pinterest will  firmly establish the presence of your business.

Pinterest have this week just announced Pinterest for your Business.  If you already have an existing Pinterest account then you can convert it. Otherwise business users can create a new business account for free.

The advantages of the new Pinterest Business accounts mean that you are now able to register under the name of your business and not as your first and last name as was previously the case. As more and more businesses are rushing to join Pinterest, more  and more content is being created, re pinned and circulated, and the user base is continually growing as a result.

Additional benefits for Pinterest businesses will include verification badges, buttons, as well as widgets which  you will be able use in order to drive more people to follow and re pin from your Pinterest business page.

Pinterest  is simple to use and it is its simplicity which can take your business to a whole new level. All it takes is a few "Pins” and your home based business will really start to take off.