Sunday, January 6, 2013

Earn money as a house-sitter

Have you ever considered house-sitting professionally as a job?

House-sitting for the short term is not much a way to make a living it has to be said, but it does allow you to earn a small income and live rent free or travel while you pursue your other interests. Long term house-sitting assignments however, will allow you to also pursue your own interests and earn money while you live rent free.

The majority of house-sitting assignments are also pet sitting assignments which include a pet to be looked after. Some properties are summer residences that require the house sitter to open the property, spring clean, attend to the garden and air the property before the owners arrive.

Other properties may require you to run their adjoining business. For example newly listed on Trusted house sitters is a bungalow in Barbados that requires a house-sitter to take care of the bungalow and look after 1 lazy dog and 1 fat cat as well as on site managing of the adjoining apartment.

For short house sits of up to 3/4 weeks, the owners will generally be expected to pay the utility bills. Utility bills for longer house sits will need to be arranged between the house sitter and the owners.

House-sitting is something that lets you pursue your other ventures such as writing, creating online videos or setting up your own online business.. Once you have completed the daily house-hold duties your time will be your own.

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