Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to earn money from photography-Part 2

Are you an amateur photographer? How would you like to earn money from your photographs?

Get paid for pursuing your hobby at the website Photo4me which gives its members the opportunity to earn money from their photographs by selling them as prints, canvas prints and posters online. It is free to join and become a member and with Photo4me and here is no limit to the number of uploads that you can make. However the images are subject to an approval procedure before they can go live on the commercial site.

How does it work?

Photo4me has been set up as a unique canvas printing service and online gallery which successfully brings together their enthusiastic community of photographers and digital artists with people who want to buy online canvas prints. You will get paid by Photo4me when your photographs are sold.

To start earning money as a seller you will simply upload your own photographs and select to have them printed on canvas or acrylic sheet. All of the prints are printed by an outsourced company on your behalf.

As a member and seller, you will set up your own profit margin. The profit is yours to keep and payment is made automatically through PayPal..

Buyers come to the site because they want to own a unique or specific image. All photographs and digital art pieces are available as prints, canvas, posters, giclee prints or acrylic sheets. This is the chance to sell and share your photography to a huge worldwide online audience.

Photographers! Grab yourself the Samsung NX1000 digital camera that, at the press of a button uploads your pictures to your ipad, computer or to facebook, instagram, blogs etc BRILLIANT!

Start earning money with your photographs and Photo4me

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