Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to make money from your blog with SocialSpark

How would you like to make money from your blog with SocialSpark? This is an attractive opportunity for bloggers to earn some money through their blog.

SocialSpark was launched in 2008 and is part of IZEA holdings. SocialSpark is sucesfully connecting bloggers with companies who want to promote their brands or products. If you have a blog of any kind then you can sign up with SocialSpark as a publisher.

The terms for getting your blog approved with SocialSpark are easy:

“In order to be approved to the Marketplace a blog must be at least 90 days old with a minimum of 20 posts written within the 90 days prior to submission with no more than a 30 day gap in writing during that time. It should be comprised primarily of original content and be written in fluent English. We also look for a clean, easy to navigate layout. If a blog does not initially meet these Terms, they can usually be resubmitted once they have.” -Social Spark Team

There are 4 basic steps to follow in order to make money from your blog with SocialSpark;

Set your price per post
Choose your advertisers
Write your post
Get paid with PayPal

Find out more about making money from your blog with SocialSpark

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  1. Just signed up with Social Spark! Thanks for sharing.


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