Monday, February 18, 2013

Earn cash online with Rewarder

Do you like helping people? Here is a novel way to get rewarded for your knowledge and assistance! is a social marketplace which connects anyone who has any unsolved issues or questions with real people who are able to help. There are over 100,000 savvy, resourceful experts , all willing and eager to give guidance or to find the hard-to-find.

Rewards are won, so don't expect to give up your day job! However this is a novel new opportunity to apply your own knowledge and experiences to make some extra money and feel good about helping someone in the process.

To start winning rewards you need to create an account. When you find a reward that interests you, simply click on the ''Win this award'' button. Write and then submit your solution. Bear in mind that you need to make sure that your proposal or solution is accurate and going to stand out because there will be other solutions submitted. The Rewarder has the option to declare a winner, reply and request more information, or to decline the solution. If you are declared the winner, your reward will be forwarded to your account. As soon as your Reward winnings balance has reached at least $10, you can cash out at anytime. You have the option of receiving an Gift Card or payment via PayPal.

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