Friday, February 22, 2013

Get paid to write about travel - Part 2

For all you budding travel writers out there....Here is your chance to get paid to write about your experiences online with Matador.

Matador is an independent media company which rocked the boat in 2006 by launching its innovative interactive travel magazine website. Attracting a huge active community, the site successfully connects travellers, writers, photographers as well as the adventurous from all over the globe. With over 2 million unique visitors a year, this is the place to go if you want your travel related articles to get noticed and commented on.

The website Matador offers all budding writers the opportunity to write and get paid for travel related topics such as food, culture, the arts, travel planning, sports, festivals and so much more. Payment is generally $20 - $25, depending on the type of article that you write and its word count. The average article should be between 400-2,000 words and original articles are always in demand.
Before you submit an article, check out the website to get some idea of the type of articles that are likely to be accepted.

Write for Matador

Get paid to write about travel - Part 1 Earn money writing for Viator

Monday, February 18, 2013

Earn cash online with Rewarder

Do you like helping people? Here is a novel way to get rewarded for your knowledge and assistance! is a social marketplace which connects anyone who has any unsolved issues or questions with real people who are able to help. There are over 100,000 savvy, resourceful experts , all willing and eager to give guidance or to find the hard-to-find.

Rewards are won, so don't expect to give up your day job! However this is a novel new opportunity to apply your own knowledge and experiences to make some extra money and feel good about helping someone in the process.

To start winning rewards you need to create an account. When you find a reward that interests you, simply click on the ''Win this award'' button. Write and then submit your solution. Bear in mind that you need to make sure that your proposal or solution is accurate and going to stand out because there will be other solutions submitted. The Rewarder has the option to declare a winner, reply and request more information, or to decline the solution. If you are declared the winner, your reward will be forwarded to your account. As soon as your Reward winnings balance has reached at least $10, you can cash out at anytime. You have the option of receiving an Gift Card or payment via PayPal.

Find out more abour Rewarder

Friday, February 15, 2013

Work from home as a travel counsellor

Here is a work from home job that would suit any stay at home mum because it lets you work the hours that fit in with your family life.

Join the award winning innovative company Travel Counsellors and operate your own home based travel business and become your own boss working from home. This is one of the leading independent travel companies and has more than 1,000 self employed agents working remotely from their own homes. This dynamic company was set up in 1994 and offers some great opportunities.

If you become a self employed franchiser with Travel Counsellors then you will have your own personalised website and profile as well as your own clientele. There is no set salary so basically you will earn as much as you are put into your business because your earnings will be on a commission basis only. While Travel Counsellors will give you all the back up and support that you will need including administration and accounting, to IT and marketing . It will be up to you to generate and establish your very own client base.

There are number of franchise options available and if you have never worked in a travel agency before the Travel Academy franchise would be your nest choice. You will be provided with a 1 year training programme which is structured to allow you learn all about the travel industry as well as to build your business. The cost for the academy which includes the bonding and licensing is £10,000 + vat.

If you are interested and want to find out more, check out the 2 links below.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get paid to write about travel - Part 1

Calling all freelance writers. Here is an opportunity for you to join the database of writers for Viator.

Viator is a wholesaler which sells sightseeing tours, helicopter rides, theatre tickets and much more. Viator sell activities from destinations all over the globe, so if you have any travel background, or even if you live or have lived in one or more of the cities that they sell activities for, you will be eligible to join their database. Viator are always on the lookout for freelance destination writers with a good knowledge of destinations.

As well as their database, Viator also accept articles for their travel blog. Articles can be written about any aspect of travel, and not restricted to a destination that are featured Articles should be both inspiring and informative.

''Submissions for our Travel Blog should be original (your own work and not appearing elsewhere online) and can range in length from 750 to 2000 words with at least 2-3 original photos. Standard payment is $100-$150.

To submit an article idea for consideration, please fill out the form below. Please be specific (a destination in itself is not an article idea) and explain how you would approach your topic. We'll contact you within 2-3 weeks if the idea is a good fit for Viator.''

Get paid to write and submit your travel article idea to Viator for their consideration

As well as looking for new and original pitches for their travel blog, Viator also welcome freelance writers to sign up for their database for future assignments.

To be added to their database just complete their short form

Get paid to write about travel - Part 2  Earn money writing for Matador.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Earn money online with CafePress

Here is a great way to earn money online.  Best of all, no experience is needed! There is no cash outlay and you don't even need your own products to sell! Interested? Read on...

How to sell online without investing in your own products
If you want to make money by selling online but don't have the time or money to invest in creating your own products, then CafePress may be just the answer that you are looking for.

The CafePress website was opened in 1999 with the intention of making it easier for artists, designers and photographers to have their artwork made up onto goods and sold online through their own CafePress shop.

Basically it is a print on demand website which allows you to create and sell a wide range of stuff which includes t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets iPhone cases, mugs, magnets, tote bags, key rings to name just a few. Pretty much anything that you think of can be created and printed with your design.

CafePress lets you create your own custom products online without the need for any up-front deposit and without any minimum purchase. Just think you are able to create and sell your products online with your own CafePress shop with no huge start up costs. BRILLIANT!

FANTASTIC! Its cost free. After you have selected and designed your products from a choice of more than 250 , you will earn commission on any products that are sold in your shop.

Open your CafePress shop today and start earning

Create your own personalised gifts with CafePress

What do I get in a CafePress shop?

  Your own online shop to customize any way you want 

 Your choice of 250+ products to sell (with your own designs)   Design & shop management tools 
  Reliable shopping experience for your customers 
  Royalty earnings on every sale

You manage & market your shop.
CafePress takes care of the rest:

  Handles all payment transactions
 Produces each item using our high-quality print technologies 
 Ships products worldwide (no cost to you) 
 Provides expert customer support 24/7 
 Manages returns & exchanges 
 Sends your royalty payments for your sales earnings